The LCD module

So here you can find the current testing version of my module. It can be used to display some text but it has still some bugs 😉



Usage: To install the precompiled module download the ipk above and install it:
ipkg install kmod-lcd4wl_2430-brcm-1_mipsel.ipk

Then insert the module:
insmod lcd4wl

Using dmesg should show you what to do next.
mknod /dev/lcd c xxx 0 … where xxx is the major number of your device

After creating the device entry you can access your LCD with:
echo “Hello OpenWRTnrShow me if it’s working” > /dev/lcd

for writing to the LCD or
cat /dev/lcd

to read from the LCD.

Here the supported command:
n: Puts the cursor to the next line, on the same position
r: Sets Cursor to the start of the current line
i: Clear Display
h: Move Cursor home
dx: Set Display Status (x=0: off, x=1 on)
cx: set Cursor (x=0 off, x=1 on)
bx: set Blink (x=0 off, x=1 on)
xx: Display shift (x=0 off, x=1 on)
yx: Shift Direction (x=0 right, x=1 left)
ax: Cursor increment (x=0 off, x=1 on)
sx: Cursor shift (x=0 off, x=1 on)

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