Running OpenWRT on ASUS WL-HDD aka Yakumo Wireless Storage

Yes it’s possible to run Linux on that small little Devices with build in harddisc, wlan, lan and 1 usb host port.

For more information about OpenWRT please visit

After you flashed the new firmware and successfully managed to establish a secure connection to your router you can beginn with installing some extra stuff. But before installing it’s a good advise to enable the HDD first so you can install some packages there (Internal Flash in only 4MB). Good Documents about that step are availabe here. Now install some extra packages:

  • samba – for filesharing with windows
  • mpd – the music player daemon
  • kmod-soundcore_2.4.30-brcm-2_mipsel.ipk
  • kmod-usb-audio_2.4.30-brcm-2_mipsel.ipk
  • what else do you need?

So now get yourself a cheap usb soundstick. I bought mine for about 12$ in a local electronic store. The stick uses the C-Media chipset (CM108) which is fully supported and working :) 

For mpd setup have a look at /etc/mpd.conf (self-explaining config file). To get a Client for your host system naviagte to MPD Clients.

I have modified the NAS-Device to have a small but powerfull mp3 player. One thing that I could improve is: To start/stop playing a host-platform must be up and running to control mpd. That must change! So I started thinking of attaching a LCD-Display and some keys….

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