powerRGB is the extension of tinyRGB to drive high power LED’s. For this project I used a 3 x 1W common Anode RGB LED.
Q1 to Q3 are N-Channel HEXFet Mosfet’s with logic level drive and a RDSon at about 50mOhms. R1 to R3 are at about 2k2, R4 to R6 at about 15k and R7 to R9 depend on the LED used and VCC. If you use FET’s with higher RDSon you have to consider RDS in your calculation!

Rx = (Vcc-Vf)/Im – RDSon

[Vcc: Volatge of power supply, Vf: Vorward Voltage of the Diode, Im: Max current of LED]
The software for the AVR is the same as for my tinyRGB project.

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