IKEA Storm and powerRGB = GREAT

Here you can see my IKEA Storm Lamp Mod using the powerRGB circuit and the tinyRGB firmware.
Here are the steps:

  1. Assemble the lamp but leave the paper shield down
  2. Remove the contacts from the bulb’s holder:
  3. Now open the holder
  4. Build the powerRGB circuit on a PCB that fits the inner of the mounting:
  5. Solder some power supply cables to the PCB and pull them though the mounting down to the lamps base and put the PCB into the holder:
  6. So thats it. Now reassemble the lamp with shield and connect a propper power supply to the board.
  7. The most important step: Re-Design the Box:
  8. Here some Images under Day-Light conditions:
  9. And when darkening the room:
  10. Enjoy your FÄRGRANN

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