Big 7-segment Display Clock

I’ve bought some 14cm high red 7-segment LED Displays on EBay and started to build a clock based on AVR ATTiny2313.
The circuit is build with an AVR ATTiny2313 a UDN2982 high side and a ULN2803 low side driver/switch.

The LED Module is powered with 18-20V to give a brighter display. The forward volatge of a single segment is about 13V. 13V + voltage loss at the switches (worst case 2V + 1.6V) is about 16.6V. I used 39Ohm resistors for the segments and so 16.6V + 39Ohm x 0.08A = 19.72V. Because of multiplexing 4 modules to get an avarage current of 20mA per segment the current has to be four times higher ( 20mA x 4 = 80mA ). The dots on the modules have a lower forward voltage resulting in a higher limiting resistor: (16.6V – 3.6V – 3.6V) / 80mA = 120Ohms.







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